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ATE Insurance for:-

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Negligence Litigation

Guardian Legal Services are leading independent specialists in ATE Insurance for Clinical, Medical and Dental Negligence cases.

You benefit from our access to in-house medical expertise and arrangements with specialist underwriters from all the leading ATE insurers.

Clinical Negligence – What Types of Claim Can Be Covered With ATE Insurance?

Typical cases where ATE cover can be provided include:-

  • Septicaemia, MRSA and C Difficile and other Hospital acquired infections
  • Complaints relating the question of lack of ‘Informed Consent’ by the patient
  • Misdiagnosis resulting in injury, pain or loss to the patient
  • Incorrect or inappropriate proscribing of drugs or medication
  • Cosmetic surgery

What Type of ATE Medical Claims Are Covered?

  • Incorrect or inappropriate surgical intervention
  • Complaints relating to negligent care by a Nursing Home or Hospital
  • Late diagnosis resulting in exacerbation of a condition, and/or pain or loss to a patient
  • Orthopaedic issues, including hip and joint replacements
  • Amputation cases, including where amputation may have been prevented if a pre-existing condition had been identified e.g. diabetes
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological Injuries including problems resulting from a problematic births/delivery
  • Ophthalmic Cases
  • Birth Injuries claims
  • Dependency and/or bereavement claims in the event of suicide by a patient in the care of a Psychiatric Unit

Applying Clearfix

Ad Hoc or Delegated Authority schemes

  • Quotations available on an Ad-Hoc basis for individual one off cases
  • Membership of Delegated Authority schemes for firms with a dedicated Clinical Negligence department.
    • You don’t need to be a member of AvMA or the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel.
    • We can provide Part 36 cover only at a substantially reduced premium to scheme members.

The Importance of an Early Application For Medical Negligence ATE

Important: make an early application for Clinical Negligence ATE Insurance.

The sooner you apply for insurance cover the better because:

  • It’s always more difficult to obtain an offer of cover in a post-issue situation
  • If the application is submitted less than three months before trial, it may be impossible to obtain an offer of cover.
  • Premiums are often rebated or staged to encourage early settlement.

Why Guardian Legal Services?

  • Guardian Legal Services make no charges for case reviews and are happy to advise and assist you with the preparation of your insurance application.
  • All policies offered by our panel of insurers are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  • Only minimal reporting is required by the insurers on our panel
  • Your client pays no up-front costs. Usually, all premiums will be
    • Deferred until end of case
    • Only payable upon a successful outcome
    • Self-insured
    • Highly competitive
    • Discounted to encourage early settlement
    • If your case is lost or abandoned, the premium is waived, subject to policy conditions
    • If unsuccessful, and even sometimes when successful, the claimant can face substantial costs, arising from expensive expert reports and failure to beat a Part 36 offer. An ATE insurance policy will protect against these financial risks.

Next steps

Contact us to have a preliminary discussion about your case or to request membership of a Delegated Authority scheme on 0207 118 1884 or email info@guardianlegal.co.uk

Alternatively, download a proposal form today in conjunction with our guidance notes.