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Paul Nicholas Gilbert


Paul was appointed Managing Director in 2005 and has grown the company successfully since then. Paul has over 30 years of experience in the legal sector working with some of the biggest law firms in the UK. Specialising in larger high value claims for law firms throughout London and the UK and in various off shore havens Paul has unparalleled expertise in third party litigation funding and high value ad hoc ATE applications.

Robert Knapman Cert CII

Underwriting Manager

Robert has over 40 years of experience within the Finance and Insurance industries. He spent 28 years working within the Investment Banking arm of Lloyds Bank before moving to Allianz Cornhill where he spent 9 years as an underwriter at ‘Allianz Legal Protection’ before he joined Guardian Legal. Robert has a thorough knowledge of the personal injury market as well as specialist knowledge of Derivatives, SWAPS, Investment Negligence and Misrepresentation relevant to many of the large financial claims Guardian have insured against the banks and other financial institutions.