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What Are The ATE Insurance Funding Options?

Guardian Legal and ATE insurers are responding to a volatile post-LASPO marketplace by working together to develop innovative ATE insurance funding products for you and your clients.

For example, as well as offering ATE for high value cases requiring multi-million pound cover, we can also offer ATE for claims with a minimum value of £25k.

What ATE Insurance funding options are available?

  • Standard ATE policies with deferred and conditional premiums (payable only upon a successful outcome) offering early settlement discounts.
  • Premiums based on the LOI required

What are the ATE insurance funding options for high value cases?

  • Comprehensive cover for up to £10 million
  • Flexible premium structures
  • Cover for own Counsel and own disbursements and opponent’s costs
  • Straightforward deferred, staged and self- insured premiums
  • Full Part 36 cover as standard
  • Policy can be used to help defeat security for costs applications
  • Cover for interim applications
  • Delegated acceptance

What types of commercial cases can be insured with ATE insurance?

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Claims against the Banks
  • Financial Mis-selling
  • SWAPs/Derivatives based loans mis-sold
  • Breach of Contract
  • Professional Negligence claims
  • Insolvency cases
  • Contentious Probate

Which Is Better Ad hoc Cases or a Delegated Authority Scheme?

  • One-off/AD HOC proposals can be submitted to Guardian online, by email.
  • Fully delegated authority schemes available, enabling you to:
    • Issue policies without completing a proposal form for every application
    • Make/reject Part 36 offers, commence proceedings and proceed to trial without needing the insurer’s consent at each stage

Ad-Hoc applications

All cases are individually rated.

Next steps

Contact us to have a preliminary discussion ATE funding options on 0207 118 1884 or email info@guardianlegal.co.uk